How to use this project website

This website is set up to share information about the study to support the review of waste-related issues in Annexes IV and V of Regulation (EC) 850/2004. It invites a wide range of potentially interested stakeholders including Member States’ authorities, industry and NGOs to participate.

Actual information related to relevant project milestones (such as project start, launch of the non-formal stakeholder consultation, announcement of the workshop, availability of project reports) are announced in the News section of this website.

The section Project Overview provides information on, background and objectives of the study, the time schedule, contact details of the project team as well as links to the most relevant legislation.

Information about the non-formal stakeholder consultation via a questionnaire and an invitation for stakeholders to participate can be found in the section Stakeholder Consultation. This section also provides the questionnaire and as soon as available: Non-confidential information submitted by the stakeholders.

The section Workshop provides detailed information on the stakeholder workshop and follow up information, which will be provided as soon as available.

Project reports and previous studies on waste related issues on POPs will be available for download under the section Downloads.

You can find the contact details for this project in the section Contact.

The section Imprint contains information on the publisher of this website and a disclaimer.